The latest Codimension IDE version is 2.3.0, the latest python parser version is 1.6.6

Changelog for Codimension IDE v.2.3.0 (full changelog)

  • New feature: debugging and running script now can have IO redirected to IDE
  • New feature: allow selecting multiple files in the 'Open file' dialog
  • New feature: display the number of highlighted occurrences on the status bar
  • Bug fix: crash when 'Edit' main menu is opened on the startup screen
  • New feature: detect TAB TAB clicks after a character and add spaces if there is no completion
  • Better pylint messages parser: collects positions in line if available and jumps to the certain column if so
  • Bug fix: opening recent project from the project main menu lead to crash if the project does not exist anymore
  • New feature: custom garbage collector which runs in the GUI thread
  • Get rid of checking if a new version is available when IDE starts

Changelog for python parser v.1.6.6 (full changelog)

  • Fix: memory leak
  • 10% better performance

Packages for downloading (installation requires both parser and IDE, see details on the installation page)

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Last Updated: December 28, 2013